Saturday, June 26, 2010

So, heres the story...

While we were living in that hole of an extended stay hotel, it was my job to find us a place to live. Luckily, we were put in contact with a Realtor who was willing to help us out. I left the girls with my MIL and we searched and searched until we found a house to rent that would work for our family. Its a good house in a nice neighborhood and is only three houses away from the school Auralee attends. I couldn't sign Auralee up for school until we signed the lease, so I tried to get things moving as quickly as possible.

We signed the lease and moved in on Halloween. Our new ward was great! They sent over lots of people to help us move our things in and we were able to get it all done fairly quickly. During the day, while Luc was at work training to be an insurance adjuster, my friend Heidi would come over and help me put things away in the kitchen.

One day, about 4 days after we moved in, I had been invited to go to another new mom's house where three of us with new babies got together and just visited. I had a good time. When I got home, Luc was laying on our bed in our room. It was early for him to be home, so I asked him if they let him come home early. He said that they had fired him. Something about Luc, he doesn't deal with uncomfortable situations like most people I know. When hes uncomfortable, he smiles and laughs, so at first I thought he was joking. After assuring me that he was not, I felt like I was going to throw up. My head was spinning and the only thing I could think of to ask was "why?" He said when he got to work, they called him in to the office and told him that they no longer needed him. When he asked them why, they said that he was "not a good fit for their team" and if he had more questions he could contact human resources. They were no help either. They could not give any good reason why they fired Luc. We had moved all the way to Texas for this job on our own dime and they just dumped us. The man who had hired Luc wasn't even there for Luc to talk to. He was out with shoulder surgery or something like that. Luc was devastated. All the fire was gone out of him. He had found the perfect job that could give us stability and a way to get out of debt, and it was just pulled out from under him.

Luckily, a position at the business where my friend Heidi's husband is a manager, came available and he offered it to Luc. Now we are able to pay rent and bills but we lost our house in AZ to foreclosure. It seams like every time it looks like our ship has come in, it sinks as its coming into port.

Even so, I'm determined to make our stay here in Texas the best I can. We have a great ward full of wonderful people and our church callings and raising our 3 beautiful children fill up our lives. God will keep an eye on us and I know things will work out for the best.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sisters, Sisters...

...there were never such devoted sisters!

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The Princesses and the Frog

We moved into our house on Halloween day. I couldn't let my kids miss out on Halloween, so we put together some quick costumes and headed out. Of course I planned Connors. When I saw it, I couldn't resist!

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Happy Boy!

Connor at 2 months
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While Luc was at work I found us a house to rent in Arlington. We found out where our church building was and decided to drive the hour to attend. The drive was beautiful, but our little ones didn't see it. ;)

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A day at the park

Durring the day, when it wasn't raining, we found a great park near where we were staying in Dallas.
The fall colors and fallen leaves made everything that much prettier.

The girls had fun picking flowers and finding cattapillars. We followed a bike trail for a little while as well. It was a nice day.

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