Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Big Move

On Tuesday, October 6th, 2009, all my family's earthly belongings were packed up in a Uhaul truck and Luc, my girls and my mother-in-law started the long drive to the Plano, TX area for Luc's new job.

I knew the drive wouldn't work out with me and a new nursing baby, so I stayed with my sister (thanks Mechelle) for a few days and flew out the following Saturday with Connor in tow.

After I got there, we moved into an extended stay hotel for two weeks while Luc did his training and we looked for a house to rent. It was very cramped and since it was in a rainy season there and our AC unit wasn't working right, we were all very sticky.

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Connor @ 1 month

Before we left for Texas, my wonderful sister Alisha did a photo shoot with Connor. The pictures turned out GREAT!

She's very creative and has a good eye.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Connor's Blessing

In the middle of moving, we had Connor's Blessing. I'm so grateful for the family members who could make it. It made it all the more special.

Isn't he beautiful!

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In To The Wild Blue Yonder!

After a year of being mostly unemployed, Luc was finally able to get a job! The catch, its in Texas! Luckily, our ward in Coolidge is the best ever and they came to our rescue. With a brand new baby, I could have never done it on my own. If I could have stayed in my beautiful home a few more years, I would not have been sad about it. I love my little house! I will miss you!

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Happy 30th Birthday Luc!

My wonderful husband Luc turned 30 in October!
I wanted to do something amazing for him, but since we were moving, everything got put on the back burner. :( Maybe 31 will be the big one!

I love you!

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Well Hello There!

I love my son!


Taryn's people are getting more and more detailed.

I hope she keeps up the art work. I love it!

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The Eyes Have It

I love my girls big brown eyes!

The boys are going to be in trouble when they get older!

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Free At Last!

Auralee finally got her cast off and boy was she happy!

Her arm was really puney (not that it isn't anyway) and very icky from the cast, but it got back to normal fairly quickly.

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The Errand of Angels

My sister Brianne came down from Idaho and helped me out for two weeks after Connor was born. Isn't she great?!

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Taryn Turns 3!!!

My sweet little Taryn is growing and growing! For her 3rd birthday, we had a pool party at grandma Engstrom's house. Aunty Sarah made her a great cake and everyone had fun (except for maybe Auralee, she couldn't go swimming because of her cast)!

At home I had a little party for her. I couldn't do much because I just had Connor, but she loved it anyway. I sure do love that girl!

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