Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Big Move

On Tuesday, October 6th, 2009, all my family's earthly belongings were packed up in a Uhaul truck and Luc, my girls and my mother-in-law started the long drive to the Plano, TX area for Luc's new job.

I knew the drive wouldn't work out with me and a new nursing baby, so I stayed with my sister (thanks Mechelle) for a few days and flew out the following Saturday with Connor in tow.

After I got there, we moved into an extended stay hotel for two weeks while Luc did his training and we looked for a house to rent. It was very cramped and since it was in a rainy season there and our AC unit wasn't working right, we were all very sticky.

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Grandma Engstrom said...

What smart thinking to stay behind with a nursing baby! It would not have been a fun drive AT ALL..... LOL

Brooke said...

Your too funny, your stories always seem so differnt than I remember them happening.... Guess our memories get warped over time, hehe

DSigns said...

How exciting! Hey you didn't mention what job he got and where.

Mechelle said...

I'm glad things worked out, sad he lost his first job, but glad he was able to land another! When it rains it poors!

Life in the circus said...

Mom Engstrom - thanks for suggesting it! It was great!

Brooke - I had no idea you read my blog. What stories are different?

Dianna - I'm writing about that next.