Monday, October 13, 2008

I bet you didnt know this...

...when I was about a year old, my parents bought an acre and 3 quarters of land and decided to move onto it even without a house. Here is my mothers account of how it all was;

"I graduated from Ricks College in 1976 at the end of April. Dad couldn't get a job with the Forest Service up there, so we came home. About a month later, the Dam broke and the place we were living above the Porter Bookstore was flooded--I heard they changed and rebuilt that old part of Rexburg. The flood waters came up part way on the football field where President Kimball landed in a helicopter. We lived a few blocks east of that.

"So we came home to Bloomfield. I had saved enough from my 3 jobs to pay for baby Carla. When Carla was born 9 August 1976, we rented and lived in an old trailer across from Grandpa and Grandma Snyder. We had our first Christmas there. After living in a trailer where the windows didn't open we were desperate to get another place. We had checked with FHA housing, and they kept changing our floor plan and coming up with more restrictions. We were looking at 3/4 acre on Mangum Road to buy from Brother Cluff. We finally gave up on the FHA loan and refinanced the car and took a signature loan for just under $10,000 for 1 and 3/4 acres. We still didn't have a place to live even though we now had an alfalfa field and we couldn't pay rent and make our loan payments that came to about $157 a month. Dad made abt $3 dollars an hour at General Supply in Farmington.

"Grandma Costner helped us put up the barn with a permanent foundation, so the electric company could place a drop pole, and we ran a water line beside the barn (our first water bills were about $5 a month.) The septic was a barrel buried in the ground, and we had a burn barrel for trash.

"Mom had an old Campers tent and I was investigating that idea (and Dad was saying, to himself, yeah right, she can go out there by herself), when Cecil and Alma Schofield heard about it. Cecil thought that was so funny, They offered us the use of their little camper trailer.

"Carla's bed was made every day by taking down the table and placing the seat pads across the table. We had a safety rod for the side, and we covered it all with blankets. We kept cans and jars of food and mustard and salad dressing under the seat on the right. The refrigerator held 1 gallon of milk and about 1 dozen eggs.

"It does seem like there were two lights in the camper, one electric, the other kerosene--we might have lit it once. We had an orange battery light."

Below are a compilation of several different trailers so you can kind of get an idea of what it looked like and how little space there was. Enjoy.

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Movie Review

Marie Antoinette

This was one of the worst movies I have EVER seen. They put 80s music to a period piece and didn't really tell a story. It could have been done so much better. I know people are trying to make movies that are new and different, but every time a song came on my stomach turned and I really had a hard time taking the movie seriously. I understand that the 80s was a time of excess and laziness and so was Marie's story, but come on! None of the scenes flowed together well, no one even tried to use a foreign accent unless they already had one and Molly Shannon! Seriously! Seeing her in this movie just made me roll my eyes. So out of character. Using foreign actors would have been at least a good start to fixing this disaster. They also didn't tell the entire story. I was expecting a dramatic ending, but NO, nothing, it just ends. The costumes were the one saving grace of the film. They were beautiful.
The End

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Monday, October 6, 2008

Ive been tagged

8 T.V. Shows I Love To Watch

1. Heroes
2. Chuck
3.Stargate Atlantis
4. Eureka
5. Pushing Daisies
6. Smallville
7. A lot of the crime dramas (reality based and fiction based)
8. Ghost Whisperer

8 Things that Happened Yesterday

1. Watched Conference
2. Took a shower
3. Played on the computer
4. Stayed in my jammies for most of the day
5. Cooked Honey Mustard Chicken (yummy!)
6. Posted a blog
7. Caught up on c-jane's blog
8. Washed dishes

8 Favorite Places to Eat

1. Golden Canyon Chinese Resturaunt
2. Chili's
3. Olive Garden
4. Sonic
5. Chic-Fil-Et
6.Taco Bell
7. Applebee's
8. Charlie's Grilled Subs

8 Things I Look Forward To:

1. Spending time with my family
2. Going to Luna
3. Date night
4. Having our house paid off
5. Luc getting a REALLY GREAT JOB!
6. Succeeding in a garden
7. Getting pregnant again --no were not trying yet :(
8. Getting a back yard put in

8 Things on My Wish List

1. A back yard
2. A soft water system
3. A weekly massage
4. To loose my baby fat
5. To have zero debt
6. To finish decorating my house
7. To help my parents make-over their house
8. To be completely organized

8 People I tag (in case you don't know what "tagged" means it indicates that you will post a blog with your own list of all these '8 things':

1. Lara
2. Heidi
3. Nicole
4. Natalie
5. Im not sure
6. who reads my blog
7. and my sister
8. already took the people I know :)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Auralee lost a tooth!

Ok, so I'm a little late getting this done. Nobody's perfect :) Sunday, September 28th, Auralee woke up and started banging on my door.

Mom! I need to show you something


Just come see!

What is it?

My tooth

(she opens her mouth and shows me her missing tooth as I open the door)

Where is it?

I don't know, its gone.

Ok, so we look everywhere and still cant find it, so we figure she must have swallowed it in her sleep. I'm not quite sure how the tooth fairy works in situations like this. I didn't put any money under her pillow, but I'm thinking Ill put a $.50 piece somewhere in her room and when she cleans her room she'll find it and then Ill just chalk it up to how she lost her tooth. Is that too complicated?

She got really sick later before bed, do you think that could have something to do with swallowing a tooth?

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