Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Giant Customers

For Christmas I was able to go to Arizona to visit my family. On our way there, we went to Luna and visited my grandparents. A couple of my siblings and their spouses were there and we had a great time!

Collage by Alisha

We all convoyed back to Phoenix, stopping at a Giant gas station to fill up. My brother Marc is 6' 8", so when he stood next to this sign we all thought it was particularly funny.

This guy is GREAT! I was on my own this trip (Luc had to stay home and work - no vaca for the first year with this job) and I was taking care of my 3 kiddos by my self. The truck's heater doesn't work, so it was cold and Connor would cry as soon as it got dark (he hates the dark in the car for some reason) and keep crying 'till we stopped and I picked him up. On the 5-6hr trip from Luna to Phoenix, he left his beautiful wife Candace in the car with my sister Alisha and her husband Tommy and drove my dumpy, cold truck so I could sit in the passenger seat and take care of kids easier (Auralee took his place in the nice warm car). What a saint! Thanks Marc! I love you!

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CANDACE said...

He had fun, and we were glad y'all were able to make it! <3