Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oh What a Mess

Sunday we went to my in laws house for dinner and a combined birthday celebration(I know, my birthday was in Aug, but we hadn't been able to go there for almost a month) for Taryn and I. We had a yummy dinner and a scrumptious dessert complete with candles.

Later, while all the adults were playing games, Taryn and Lily found the tissue boxes and decided to have a little fun. Lily's mom, Sarah, caught them and we all got our cameras and took pictures of the evidence. What a mess, but boy did they have fun!
Speaking of messes...I don't know whats up with my hair. All my life its been a little wavy, but the last few years, its gotten considerably more so. I cant figure out how to control it and make it look good. ARAAAAGHHHH! I need a hair intervention.
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Mechelle said...

I'm here for you sis, whenever youcan make it out we will find a haircut that you can handle and that will look good.

candace said...

fortunately you have a sister & a sister in law who are hair goddesses!

happy birthday again! <3

Heidi said...

How fun to celebrate again. And all those tissues! how funny.