Friday, September 19, 2008

Color Career Test

My friend Lara found this color career test and posted it on her blog. It seemed pretty cool, so I went and took it here. I think its somewhat accurate, but you tell me. Others see people differently than they see themselves. Here are my results;

  • Best Occupational Category

    You're a CREATOR

    Key Words:
    Nonconforming, Impulsive, Expressive, Romantic, Intuitive, Sensitive, and Emotional

    These original types place a high value on aesthetic qualities and have a great need for self-expression. They enjoy working independently, being creative, using their imagination, and constantly learning something new. Fields of interest are art, drama, music, and writing or places where they can express, assemble, or implement creative ideas.

    Suggested careers are Advertising Executive, Architect, Web Designer, Creative Director, Public Relations, Fine or Commercial Artist, Interior Decorator, Lawyer, Librarian, Musician, Reporter, Art Teacher, Broadcaster, Technical Writer, English Teacher, Architect, Photographer, Medical Illustrator, Corporate Trainer, Author, Editor, Landscape Architect, Exhibit Builder, and Package Designer.

    Consider workplaces where you can create and improve beauty and aesthetic qualities. Unstructured, flexible organizations that allow self-expression work best with your free-spirited nature.

    Suggested Creator workplaces are advertising, public relations, and interior decorating firms; artistic studios, theaters and concert halls; institutions that teach crafts, universities, music, and dance schools. Other workplaces to consider are art institutes, museums, libraries, and galleries.

  • 2nd Best Occupational Category


    Key Words:
    Tactful, Cooperative, Generous, Understanding, Insightful, Friendly, and Cheerful

    This very social type enjoys working in groups, sharing responsibilities, and being the center of attention. Fields of interest are instructing, helping, nurturing, care giving and instructing-especially young people. They discuss and consider feelings in order to solve problems, lead, direct, persuade, guide, organize and enlighten others.


Lara said...

I can see it.

It's been fun to see so many of my friends do this. For the most part I think it is really accuarate. :)

Mechelle said...

cool, there's a lot you could do or be, leaves it pretty wide open

Heidi said...

I'd say that's pretty accurate. I took it and it said I was a Creator, which listed Public Relations. That was what I majored in!

lazyunder said...

I am a creator and an organizer. I can totally see you as a creator too. Kindof runs in the family, I think.

Mechelle said...

hey I took it and got the same results too!

Mechelle said...

creator and organizer