Monday, May 26, 2008


Ive never been sure who my kids look like. I cant be objective. About half the people i talked to when Auralee was a baby said she looked like me and the other half said she looked like Luc. Then with Taryn, everyone said she looked just like Auralee. I can see the similarities between my girls, but I cant tell between Luc and I. What do you think?

These pictures are taken around the same ages, give or take a month or two. The first is me, the second is Luc, the third is Auralee and the fourth is Taryn.
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Alisha and Tommy said...

I think they both look like both of you. Well I don't know either. Here's what you do, go to Nadine's page and down at the very bottom she has a who does your kid look more like thing. you can put your pictures and it will tell you.