Friday, May 30, 2008

My little Garden

I planted a garden this year. I know it's not much, but I've never been much for taking care of a garden, and this is my first time on my own. I figure it will get bigger over time as I learn how and when to plant other things. Right now I'm just testing the waters. I put a lot of work into preparing the ground for my veggies. The ground is so hard, so I even had to put soil softeners in it. It's really hot here in Arizona, so not all of my plants survived. I also planted zucchini and pumpkin, but one never came up and the other came up and shriveled up in the sun. I still have time, so I think I'll plant some watermelon and some cantaloupe. I'll put some milk jugs over them till they get a good start and hopefully that will help. Next year I'd like to plant some onions and maybe some spices and definitely some flowers. Hopefully it will all work out well. We'll see how I do this year and then go from there.

These are my little tomato plants. I planted them from starters. I made sure to use frames because the last time I tried to grow tomatoes with out them, it was a big jumbled mess.

These are my little jalapenos. I really love to make salsa and I thought it would be fun to be able to just go out into my back yard and get some ingredients for it. I hope they wont be too hot because I am kind of a weenie.

Here's my little corn. I planted quite a bit, but the sun took a lot of it. I'm looking forward to some yummy corn on the cob. There's nothing like it when its fresh.
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candace said...

i think it's great you were able to get anything to grow out there at all! and i think it's awesome that you're growing some of your own food. if i actually ate vegetables i'd probably try it myself! :)