Saturday, May 31, 2008


My girls love to sing. Most of the time its wonderful to hear, like now, but sometimes it just gets too loud. I really hope they grow up with a great love of singing and just music in general.

This is Auralee. I recorded her sister and she wanted to be recorded as well. She didn't get all the words quite right, but that will come with time. Once she picks a key, she pretty much stays on it.

This is Taryn. She loves to sing. I cant quite tell what shes singing, but it moves her. Ive caught her a couple times holding a piece of sheet music just singing away. She should love music, shes been exposed to it from the womb.

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candace said...

auralee may not have gotten all of the words right but she was still insightful...i loved that she sang "He'll help me understand his words" because it's true, right? and what a great selection to sing. it sounded to marc & me like taryn was singing the same song. :) i don't know how either girl could grow up without a love & appreciation for music because you definitely show them yours all of the time. i am also blown away by how big both of them have gotten. o man!