Monday, June 2, 2008

Keep Out Of The Reach Of Children

Taryn was not very happy when I took this picture. We started swim lessons today and when I got home I left the diaper bag on the floor. Of course, the sunscreen was in it and of course, Taryn found it. I'm sure she had a blast until she was caught. Mommy was not very happy.

She got quite a bit on her legs. She remembered how I had put it on her, so she decided she would do it like mommy but without the moderation that mommy uses.

I was also not happy about the greasy mess I was left to clean up on the floor. These are teaching moments. They teach mommy that she needs to be more aware of things and ALWAYS put things out of the reach of the children.
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Mechelle said...

at least she didn't get it on your carprt

candace said...

that first picture of taryn is PRICELESS. such a sad face!!! my friend melissa (there's a link to her blog on mine) is doing digital should totally do that!

Nicole said...

Oh what a mess, but how cute is that. She just wanted to put sunblock on mama!!

Alisha and Tommy said...

She really didn't want to get sunburned :)