Thursday, June 26, 2008

Brianne to the rescue

After my sister Mechelle was able to bring her baby home from the hospital and after her husband John had to go back to work, Mechelle still needed a lot of help. She has two crazy little boys and with her C-section and a preemie, she couldn't do much on her own. So, it was our sister Brianne to the rescue. She knew Mechelle would need someone, so she took off work and booked her flight from Idaho. She was amazing! She took over mommy duties as well as household chores. She helped Mechelle out more than she knows and I'm so proud of her!

From l-r, Mechelle, Brianne, Alisha and me (I know, I should have dressed up and fixed my hair too, but I was tired from cooking and cleaning for this little get together and I ran out of time. Ill do better next time). It was so great to have all my sisters together. We dont get to see Brianne very often and when we do its such a treat!

This is baby Raeleigh, just a little bit bigger, but still a tiny little thing.
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Mechelle said...

I do so appreciate all of Briannes' help and generosity, and I miss her so much. I think you're right when you said "more than she'll ever know"! So thank you again Brianne!

Alisha and Tommy said...

Look how tall I am compared to all my older sisters!

Yay, for Brianne!

briannewalsh said...

thank you carla for your compliments. and i tried really hard to be a good help. i hope i can do it again sometime. i love you all so much!

Lara said...

Jealous of you and all your sisters. :) At least I have a bunch of daughters

candace said...

that is really awesome brianne was able to do that!

& raeleigh is really really cute!