Thursday, June 26, 2008

Diaper Cake

I made this diaper cake for my sister Mechelle's baby shower. I had seen some others at baby showers I went to, but none of them were really great looking to me. I went online and got some great ideas and just went from there. It was sooooo much fun and I was so excited to see her get it. I stuffed it full of baby odds and ends. I'm sure Ill do this again and again, I'm already stocking up on supplies!

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Mechelle said...

Thanks for the cake, it was sad to take it apart but fun at the same time. Zach and I took it apart and had fun finding all the neat things stuffed inside!

briannewalsh said...

that's a really cool lookin cake. is it an actual cake, or just boxes decorated to look like a cake? either way it's really cool. good job!

Life in the circus said...

its a diaper cake, its made of diapers :)