Thursday, July 10, 2008

Water Babies

This summer my girls had swim lessons. Because of such a great price I was able to sign them up for two sessions. It was really great for them. At first they were both scared, but they gained a lot of confidence and ended up enjoying themselves.
It wasnt until the end of the four weeks that Auralee was brave enough to jump off the diving board. After some practice at grandmas and some bribery from her instructor, she finally did it. Then she wanted to do it over and over again. I am so proud of her!

For the first couple of weeks, Taryn clung to me with her head pressed into my neck. After a while I was able to get her to relax her arms and then later her legs. By the fourth week, she was doing the monky crawl (along the side of the pool) by herself and wanting our instructor more than me. It was great to see her improvement.

The first time Auralee went off the diving board, her instructor dropped her off, but after that she did it all by herself every time.

Taryn loved her instructor Amanda. They had lots of fun together. When Amanda asked Taryn if she wanted to go see mommy, Taryn would push me away and say "NO!" It was pretty funny.

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Mechelle said...

that video is so cute, i just got Kaleb in for the last session before school starts, he's lovin' it!