Friday, July 18, 2008

Failure or Learning Experience?

My garden failed :( I watered it almost every day and I thought I had prepared the soil enough, but the hot Arizona sun took some casualties.

I don't know what happened to my tomatoes. I'm sad about them the most. The ones I tried to eat were sour. Some of them split at the stem and two of my plants' leaves just shriveled up.

This strange thing happened to a lot of my tomatoes. This one wasn't even sitting on the ground, it was hanging deceivingly luscious, and then I turned it over. I didn't even try to eat those. I don't want to make myself sick.

Poor droopy tomato plants!

My corn never grew very high. The cobs started growing anyway and didn't turn out either.

The kernels were sporadic and strange looking. That made me sad too, I was looking forward to some good ole corn on the cob right out of my own back yard.

My jalapenos didn't grow very big. I was afraid they would be too hot, so I didn't even try them. I was really looking forward to some great salsa too.

When my parents were here, my mom helped me try to save my garden. We put some mulch down to try to protect the roots of my plants. It seemed to help my jalapenos because the plants grew twice as big and they are flowering again.

I'm not sure if it will help my tomatoes at all, but its worth a try.

I started my own mulch pile with my failed crops and other fruit and veggie remnants from my kitchen. I know it needs some help. I would love to find a mulch container for it and I need some manure to break it down, but Walmart is out. Hopefully next year will be better and Ill have learned from all my mistakes. Its just too bad that Ill have to wait another year to try again.


Lara said...

We had our best success with the garden veggies from about February through June. We got some great lettuce and spinach. Squash. Our tomatoes had a hard time, but we still got a few good ones.

Google about gardening in Phoenix and you'll find tons of info. Sorry it didn't work out!

Alisha and Tommy said...

Your poor garden :( Maybe bugs ate the tomatoes from the bottom. It might just be too hot and to dry. That's so sad...

Heidi said...

Awww, at least you tried! It is hard to grow stuff here.

Where do you take your recycling? I wish Coolidge had pickup.

Life in the circus said...

there are some big bins on the corner of Coolidge and 1st across from Hendrix Recycling‎

Nicole said...

That is a bummer, I bet it owuld have been a beautiful garden. I would chalk it up to a learning experience!

LucyH said...

It looks like your tomatoes were not watered enough. They should be watered slow and deep. My mother in law also hand waters them in good amounts. They also need some late afternoon shade and probably better soil. Corn is extremely hard to grow. You need really good soil and they have to pollinate. It is also better to grow a lot of stalks to be successful. Try building up your soil before you plant again.

uniquelynat said...

well no matter how your garden turned out i say good for you for even planting one! some of us (me) are too scared to even try because it seems such a daunting task! So i give you kudos for you failure OR learning experience....which ever you decide you want it to be.

The Judd's said...

Sorry about your garden. :c) Gardening takes a lot of work! And lots of try agains, too! ;c) Have fun and stay out of trouble!