Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fly Me To The Moon!

Luna NM is the best place on earth! I love going there! Every year we have a couple family reunions there and I like to make at least one. I spent time there every summer camping out when I was a kid, and then when my grandparents moved back there I got to spend even more time there. I love it! I love it! I love it! The mountains are so beautiful, the grass is so green, the air is so fresh and the water is so pure. I would live there permanently if it wasn't so cut off from the rest of the world, but that's what makes it such a wonderful place to visit.

These are my grandparents, George and Lillie. They are two of the best people I'm ever likely to meet. They're like my own parents, I love them so much. They both grew up and met in Luna and even though life and kids took them away from it for a while, they always new it was home and so they came back (lucky for the rest of the family!).

Auralee and Taryn had a blast! They got to go outside whenever they wanted. Auralee ran around barefoot all week long! She was so free and happy! Taryn was introduced to a whole new world of animals. Shes never really been around animals, so in the beginning, she was terrified. There were dogs, cats, horses and pigs and after being around them for a week, she became quite comfortable around them and would even touch them.

Mechelle and I stayed for a week with our kids and one day, while the babies stayed at home, we took Auralee and Kaleb down to Trout Creek. Every year since I was a kid, there was water in the creek, but its been empty for the past few years Ive been there. It was so exciting to see, we had to take the kids. They had a blast "fishing", throwing rocks and just playing in the water. One of these pictures had a picture of Mechelle in it, but when I collaged it, it cut her off, sorry Mechelle.

We were there for two weekends for two separate reunions. One was during the 24th celebration. Luna does it big. They have a parade, a big lunch a rodeo and a dance, and people come from all over to attend. I didn't get any pictures of those things, but Ill try next year. My mom got to come one weekend and it was nice to see her. Auralee had spent 3 weeks with my parents and it was really convenient to get her back in Luna. I know some of you might be looking at that picture of Taryn and saying "poor child, look at all that hair in her cute little face. Why doesn't her mother do something about that?" Well Mechelle took pity on her and gave her bangs a cut. She looks much better now and can see where shes going :).

This is one of my favorite pictures EVER! I loved seeing my grandpa and my daughter just sittin' on the front porch talkin'. It made my heart feel good. That's what Luna does to you.

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Alisha and Tommy said...

I love LUNA!! I really wanted to go this year. I'll be there next year though, I promise!

candace said...

ive fallen under the luna spell as well, although i dreaded the first time bc i just knew it was in the desert, and didn't believe marc when he told me it was green. i thought he was making it up. i wish we could get out there more often but i'm so glad marc got to go earlier this year.

briannewalsh said...

i love luna too!!! i wish i could have been there with everyone. maybe i can make it next year. i don't know. i just can't plan that far ahead.

uniquelynat said...

so great! that sounds like a lovely place to go. i love the little out of the way, pretty & green, comfortingly familiar places! i have one too. that picture of grandpa & taryn is adorable!

Mechelle said...

we had fun! Thanks for being there with me.

ps I love your new page