Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Big 32!

OK, so age hasn't really bothered me yet, but not being recognized for ageing kind of does. Silly huh? My baby sister, bless her heart, decided to help me out. She had her house warming party on my birthday (don't worry, she called and asked if it was OK first) and decided to make me a cake as well. I enjoyed being sung to but all 32 candles were a bit much :)

I think here, Kaleb was teasing me acting like he was going to blow out my candles. I had to challenge him, right?

I was really surprised, but I blew out all my candles at once and really quickly. It was good cake. Luc gave me a hair straightener. I liked it so much, I straitened my hair on Sunday. It was nice. Thanks Alisha for my moment. Its nice not to be forgotten.

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Mechelle said...

You gotta be quick when Kaleb's around, he's a fiesty one. I'm glad you enjoyed your moment.

Alisha and Tommy said...

Just for you :)