Thursday, April 16, 2009

Our Colorado Trip

This past December our family took a trip to Denver for Grandpa Greats funeral. Although the reason for the trip was sad, we were able to have an enjoyable time while were there. The drive there through New Mexico and on through Colorado was beautiful. I love seeing the snow covered landscapes while being safely bundled up in my warm car ;)

While we were in Denver, we were able to stay with Luc's aunt and uncle.

They are a fun family and we are grateful we were able to stay with them. From l-r; Kent, Bryce, Cody, uncle Jim, aunt Coreen and Chandra.

The girls had tons of fun jumping on the trampoline in the back yard.

Every time the Engstrom family got together with Grandpa Great, he would treat us all to a nice dinner at Red Lobster. The uncles thought it would be a nice tribute to grandpa to have one last meal there in his honor. Everyone had an enjoyable time and the kids even got to touch a live lobster.

Another place Luc's family likes to visit in Denver is Casa Bonita. The food is OK, but the big reason to go is the atmosphere. Once you get inside, it is HUGE! You go through a cafeteria style line for your food and then they seat you in one of the cubbies that are spread out maze-like throughout the building. A Mariachi band plays and they have a little variety show comprised of the same three actors doing each spot. They even have a little cliff diving mixed in. After you eat, you can go through their pirate cave and then the kids can try to get in on breaking the pinata. They also have a puppet show, but we missed that. Their gift shop was also nice to wander through.

While Luc and others in his family went skiing, I took the girls to McDonalds and then to a movie. They had lots of fun doing both and were really good for me.

This is the house in Littleton that Luc lived in when he was little.

Luc went to Pifer Elementary School. He would walk or ride his bike every school day to get there.

We took the scenic rout down through Colorado to get to my parents house in New Mexico. We even went through Wolf Creek Pass, which was thankfully opened at the time. Everything was so beautiful! I wouldn't mind taking the trip again.

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Alisha said...

I love the trampoline pictures! Your girls are so cute. Looks like you guys had a great time!

Mechelle said...

I bet that was a pretty drive. I like that they let them play with their food. :0)