Thursday, April 16, 2009

What a Show!

Auralee's school put on a couple plays where all the kids sang. It would have been really good, but the sound system went out right before the show and they couldn't get it to work. Every speaking part had to be said through the bull horn and no one told the kids (or the teacher) that in order for the audience to hear what they were saying they had to point it TOWARDS us :) Even though we couldn't hear a thing, all the kids sang their songs really well. I enjoyed the music, so that was worth it. The only other draw back was that they didn't have risers for the kids to stand on and they put the kindergartners in the back rows so we couldn't see them.

Because of that, I decided to take a picture of Auralee in her classroom after the performance. Some of her classmates wanted in on the picture as well.

Isn't she pretty in her dress? And still that smile ;)

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Mechelle said...

hopefully they get that upgraded before the next performance. Glad they still sounded good.

Chandy said...

Very cute girl! I agree, I hope they get some funding for some risers. It's cool that you were still able to enjoy their performance.