Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ward Christmas Party

OK, so I'm slowly but surely going to get caught up with all my blogging. I have to go way back to before Christmas, but Ive gotta start somewhere. Here goes :)

We had a really nice ward Christmas party. The stage was set up great and all the kids looked wonderful. We had to do a makeshift white dress for Auralee, because she doesn't have one. I wrapped my white skirt around her and cinched it up with my white belt and she wore her own white shirt. My little devil looked like an angel ;) by the end of the performance, her halo was off her head and crumpled, but she did great non-the-less.

Taryn "sang" a song with the nursery kids and stayed up there without crying. Afterwards while the other kids were performing, she slowly made her way to the stage and eventually ended up on the little rocking horse. It was very funny and she wasnt hurting anything, so I let her stay up there for a while. She just wanted to be a part of the action!

After the play, everyone go to eat doughnuts and have hot chocolate, which Auralee LOVED, and then all the kids got in line and got to sit on Santa's lap. Auralee did just fine, of course, but Taryn wanted OFF. She wasn't having any of it. I thought she would do good since she was a little older, but I was wrong.

Auralee loved sitting on Santa's lap and telling him all the things she wanted for Christmas. She looked great in the pretty dress her grandma Engstrom got her and some day she'll show everyone what a pretty smile she has.

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Chandy said...

Crystal your daughters are simply beautiful! Auralee is getting so big, has it really been that long since we've seen you guys? Wow!