Monday, August 24, 2009

Duck Creek 2009

Duck Creek was a really fun place to camp. Other than having to put a jacket and shoes on to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I loved it. When we weren't off at a National Park, we took turns with the rest of the family riding ATVs.

We explored lots of different trails and visited an ice cave. I didn't go down inside the cave because the climb was too steep, but Auralee and Luc enjoyed it. Of course, Taryn fell asleep while driving around. I don't know how she does it, but it happens every time. :) We were also able to go fishing on one of the off days at a big pond near our campground. Everything was GREAT!

Auralee's auntie Nancy took her horseback riding one of the days we were there. She had a blast! They put her on her own horse and then let her ride ALL BY HER SELF! What a great thing for her! I was told she did a really good job and was even able to get her horse to go fast when she wanted him to.

At the campground everyone had lots of fun as well. The kids spent lots of time digging in the dirt and playing with the buckets we brought (a total life saver and completely worth bringing) and exploring around the camp site. They played with cousins and had a favorite log they liked to climb. Luc spent a lot of time playing horseshoes with his brother and dad and we all enjoyed dutch oven meals. MMMMMMM, yummy! I got some reading and relaxing done as well.

After playing in the dirt and getting pretty messy all by herself, Taryn's cousin Dwayne helped her out a little more by dumping a bucket of dirt on her head. This photo op was so great, we couldn't miss it. :) Thankfully, we had access to showers a couple times during the week, so we all got cleaned up from the grit and grime we collected.

Every time we ate at our campsite, we had several visitors of the furry kind. They knew exactly what was going on when we got the food out and would come right up to us, ready to dash away as soon as we moved. Much to my kids dismay, I would not let them feed the animals. They were fun to watch though.
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Mechelle said...

I miss camping

Alisha said...

I love the picture of Taryn fishing. So cute :)