Thursday, August 27, 2009

Luna Reunions 2009

Just one week after getting home from a 10 day camping trip, we were off for another 10 day trip. Every summer my family has family reunions in a little town called Luna. Luna is my favorite place to visit in the whole world. I have tons of memories from growing up and visiting there every year. My grandparents grew up there and after living away for years, moved back to retire there. This gives everyone a little extra incentive to go visit. I love the wonderful food my grandma makes and her bread is the best I've ever tasted. My grandpa has a big garden he grows every year and harvests lots of yummy veggies that we eat with our meals. It's heaven for me.

This year, our Fuentes reunion was earlier to accommodate early school starting. We always have it at the Head of the Ditch, named so because it's the head of the ditch. :) We have a huge potluck dinner where my cousin makes pit barbecue from a cow from his ranch. It's soooo good! My cousin Mini makes her wonderful sopapillas and I drench mine in honey. My mouth is just watering just thinking about them. We visit a lot and then there are activities to do. We also have an auction with donated items, usually homemade or handcrafted, to fund the next years reunion. I enjoy it very much. This year most of my family was there, except my brothers and their families. We missed them a lot. :(

Me and my girls (Luc was doing job stuff) stayed the week along with my sister Mechelle and her family. One of the days, my grandpa took us on a drive to see some of the old homesteads. It was a beautiful drive and we were even able to see some Elk. I love country drives! To fill the rest of the time there my sister and I brought projects to do. We worked on quilts. Its nice to have someone to help you when you take on a project you don't have a pattern for. ;)

Our Snyder reunion has always been on the weekend of the 24th of July for the Pioneer celebration. Luna's population skyrockets for the festivities. They have a big parade, although it was a lot better when I was a kid because they had huge floats then, a rodeo, a lunch at the community center and a dance. It can be lots of fun.

Our family always has a spot where some (it used to be all of us) camp out. It's out at Trout Creek. Every year someone climbs the big oak tree and hangs the rope swing. It's tons of fun and the kids love it. Most of the adults sit around the big fire pit and visit. I love my family. I've known these people my whole life and just sitting (and eating of course) and visiting is just fine for me.
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Alisha said...

Great pictures! I love the one with Tommy and Taryn sleeping. You have such a cute family!

Mechelle said...

I Love Luna, and everything about it.

lazyunder said...

i am really going to try to come next year. i love these pictures.