Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Grandpa Great

Grandpa Great is the best! His name is Lloyd. Ever since I joined the Engstrom family, he has taken an interest in my life and my children. He remembers everything and if something big is happening in your life, he asks you about it. I love him bunches. Right now he is very sick and needs lots of care. Its really hard on him after being so independent for so long. My wonderful mother-in-law has been selflessly taking care of him in her home for the past few weeks as his health has failed. She said that he doesn't really need to be talked to that much, he just really loves physical contact. That's why I love this picture. We were in the other room and my mil said for me to come and look. We peeked around the corner and Auralee was holding her Grandpa Greats hand. It was very sweet. You always have to find the sweet moments in the hard times. We love you Grandpa Great!

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Mechelle said...

I'm glad she has a special place in her heart for him. That's a really tender moment you captured. Keep it forever.

CC said...

That is just an awesome shot! Grandpas are the greatest.

Jenny and Tony said...

That is the best picture! I think you should frame it for Grandpa Great!!!!