Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hair Cuts!

Ok, so a while ago I stated that I was in need of a hair intervention. My sister, Mechelle, gladly obliged and hooked me up with a nice new do :) She always seems to know just what to do to make it work for me. Now, if I could just take the time to style it like its meant to be, all would be good.

Mechelle also cut my girls hair. Auralee was going to school with really cute hair and coming home looking like a tangled mess. She needed a style with more staying power, so Mechelle to the rescue! Taryn's hair was just thin and stringy. Mechelle gave them both a bob to help them out. Its GREAT on Auralee. She has gotten lots of compliments on it and it is easy to take care of. Her hair falls just the right way and if I part it on her front cowlick, there are no problems. Taryn, on the other hand, has hair like mine. One half curls beautifully under while the other half flips out. It takes a little time to style to make it look like it should. Someone suggested that I get one of those curling iron/round brush combos. It seems like that would work well on Taryn, so I think I'll try it.

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Mechelle said...

I don't know why your new posts don't show up, so I'll just have to be more dilligent in checking your blog. The girls look great, btw.

Jenny and Tony said...

CUTE GIRLS! CUTE Hair! (I COMPLETELY understand your hairlemma, I suffer from the same issues!)