Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Luc!

My wonderful husband just (in October) had his 29th birthday. Yes, to all of those who care to keep track, he is 3 years younger than I am :] He likes to rub it in and during the two months between our birthdays, he likes to tell people its 4 years. Im looking forward to next year when he turns 30, because once you hit the big 3 0, you cant really use your age to claim youre a young buck ;) It will be a more even playing field then, right? Besides, he might BE younger, but I LOOK younger!

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bnsnyder said...

He's just so...old! just kidding! Love ya Lucas! Happy late Birthday!!!

Mechelle said...

yes happy late b-day, hope it was a good one.

Jenny and Tony said...

Numbers mean nothing, you are definately younger :)