Tuesday, November 4, 2008

*Happy Halloween*

Halloween was fun. The girls got lots of candy even though most of our little neighborhood didn't hand any out. They got lots of compliments on their costumes. Somehow we lost Taryn's little wings and after frantically trying to make some more at the last minute, Luc suggested she use the wings I made for myself a few years ago. I thought they would be wayyyy too big and heavy for her, but I lashed them to her pretty good and they worked great! Everyone loved them. Auralee had to work on her door aproach. Sometimes she would just stand there, but after a little coaxing, she started to say "Tirck or Treat." Next year we'll have to work on her volume and exuberence. She kind of fell flat :( I like a lot of yelling and excitement.

Because we were out, we missed a lot of the trick or treaters and ended up with a lot of leftover candy. We always end up throwing out lots of candy a year later because it never got eaten. Its really my fault. I dont let my kids have a lot of candy. Im such a mean mom!
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uniquelynat said...

we ended up going to gilbert to my mom's. so since i had to take the kids around for the trunk-or-treat (and no one was at my car to hand out the candy) and we weren't home on halloween, all the candy i bought is still sitting in the bags in the pantry- unopened! i think i will donate it to mom for her candy jar. (she keeps a candy jar for the grandkids)that way i don't have to throw any away AND i don't have to feel obligated to eat it all myself!

bnsnyder said...

They look so much bigger just from the summer!! Hey remember that random picture you took of when I was just standing in your living room and I scolded you for taking it!? Do you think you could send it to me please!? I will love you forever!

Mechelle said...

they look so cute.

CC said...

"One-candy-a-day" mom here. I feel your dilemma. My kids start trading right away because they know they won't get to the good stuff they want after a week. The best thing about my rule is they forget about their stash after a week and I throw the guilt right with the extra candy! ;)